Cooking events for adults in April – June 2016


Cooking classes in April, May and June 2016

30th April 2016 Saturday: Gratin Dauphinois & Veggie burger, Tatin Tarte with Rhubarb

12th May 2016 Thursday: Vegetarian Moussaka, Halawet el jeben – Lebanese pastry

2nd June 2016 Thursday: Chinese Raviolis, Season fruits Crumble

11th June 2016 Saturday: Scallops in orange sauce, Raspberries Macaron

30th June 2016 Thursday: Summer cake and Quinoa salad, Lemon tartlets

all equipment is provided on site, the classes start at 6pm and last about 1h30-2hours, in French or in English, techniques are shown and effectively executed by each participant, meals are served as diner, Eur 40.- per person, drinks non included or Eur 150.- all 5 classes