Islay single malts and US bourbon whiskies

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The world of whiskies is like the world of parfume, full of emotions.

At the Friday’s whisky class 2 Kentucky straight Bourbons Eagle Rare 10 y.o. and Evan Williams vintage 2003, 10 y.o. were contrasting to the most caracterful single malts LAGAVULIN 16 y.o. and BOWMORE 12 y.o.

We chose these 2 oppposite worlds of flavors to show the scale of aromas and taste, from the floral, orange lemon confit, spicy, leather, salty and iodine BOWMORE, to the strong and wild taste of the LAGAVULIN full of tart, plum, leather notes, these two single malts being smoky – so typical for the Islay whiskies, compared to the sweet Bourbon taste, where EAGLE RARE was surprisingly mild and smooth for its 45alc.% with chocolate and toffee notes, similar to the 2nd Bourbon – EVAN WILLIAMS being more smoky with honey notes and the strong retro-olfactive effect.