Slovak wines evening

wines slovakia tasting luxembourg
wines slovakia tasting luxembourg


Slovak wines evening was a great success. All of you enjoyed our selection of sparkling wines and among your favorite wines were Riesling sweet DSC Berry Harvest, Traja Jazdci Cuvée DSC 2009, and Veterlin Alibernet D.S.C. compound of Alibernet, Merlot and of Dunaj, a Slovak grape variety.
Here below you find the comments regarding wines that our sommelier Thierry Arthaud enjoyed the most, including 2 sparkling wines, 1 white, 2 red wines and 3 sweet wines.


–Tokaj Yellow Muscat Demi-sec semi dry NV
is delicate in sugar,  half dry sparkling, this wine is well balanced between finesse of bubbles and sugar delicacy, a nice example of success and of a good value for money. Unit price € 12,42 Box Qté 6
-Blanc de Noir Brut NV
Crémant from red grapes, vinified in white, raw without excess, fine bubble, aromatic persistence and length gives immediate pleasure in a very nice overall balance. Unit price € 15,27 Box Qté 6


White Wine Dry:
-Gewürtztraminer semi dry D.S.C. 2012 Late harvest
Delicious fine wine, subtle without excess sugar, very nice on the palate with a hint of coolness in the end, this wine surprises with its quality and balance, very nice discovery. Unit Price € 12,77 Box Qté 6

Red wines:
-Alibernet barrique D.S.C. 2009 Late harvest
powerful and elegant red wine, ideal for venison or game dishes, depth in color and in flavors, aftertaste recalling wines of the Rhone Valley in France and St Joseph, Hermitage, this superb wine I  advise for lovers of deep red. Unit Price € 16,95 Box Qté 6
-Traja jazdci Cuvée D.S.C. 2009 Quality wine
Depth in color and aromas, subtle and complex on the nose, this wine represents well the viticulture knowledge of this Slovak winery, a beautiful discovery, for lovers of great red wines. Unit price € 17,57 Box Qté 6

Sweet wines:
-Riesling sweet D.S.C. (Rizling rýnsky) 2011 Select berry harvest

Delicate sugar acidity still present giving freshness and balance, beautiful liquor wine for our greatest pleasure
Unit Price € 19,09 Box Qté 6

-Pálava sweet D.S.C. 2009 Straw wine
Great excitement of the evening, perfect balance between sugar and acidity, I highly recommend for the lovers of great liquor wines
Unit price € 24,45 Box Qté 6
-Lipovina sweet D.S.C. (Tokay Lipovina) 2011 Ice wine
at the top of sweet wines comes Lipovina, the same as for Pálava, this wine expresses the know-how of great master winemakers in Slovakia excelling in TOKAY, great liquor wine to share and make known to others
Unit price € 24,45 Box Qté 6

wines slovakia tasting luxembourg II
wines slovakia tasting luxembourg II