Whisky evening events in September – December 2016


The whisky classes take place on Fridays at 7pm, in French or in English, 3 bottles are tasted during each class that lasts about 1h30, as follows:

Registrations are accessible online under each link, or per e-mail at asaplux@gmail.com

Entry Eur 38,50.-


the 30th September 2016: The comeback of Irish Whiskey, Irish tradition and ambition, art of triple distilled and pure pot still whiskies

the 14th October 2016: Discovering successful and award winners whiskies from Taïwan, South Africa and Sweden

the 18th November 2016: Japanese and Scotch whiskies, inspiring collaboration, unique style

the 9th December 2016: Increasing popularity of the grain whiskies, the best of Corn, Rye and Wheat whiskies