Whisky tasting & Tuna appetizers 24.04.2014



Whisky’s world’s largest consumer country today is India. India is also a whisky producer and an exporting country.
Being an international product, whiskies’ most famous distilleries are in Ireland, but also in Japan.
We were lucky to taste Nikka All Malt, a very succesful whisky, available in the shops of the whisky importing countries, thanks to its pleasant taste, round, soft and creamy, becoming more oily over time.
This whisky was the only one of ‘non-vintage’. It results from a blend of the single malt Yoichi and Miyagikyo and of a whisky made ​​from malted barley, distilled in a column still.

Jameson 12Y was the surprise of the evening. Its taste is close to the Japanese Nikka, but it brings a different style and thanks to its triple distillation gives an even bolder taste. Its silky velvel side predicts this to be a good whiskey. Its very good value for money, very accessible to everyone.

3 Scotch Whiskies
Aberfeldy 1996 15Y
Clynelish 1998   14Y
Inchmurrin 1996 15Y , all 3 of the Signatory collection, which is not the oldest in Scotland, but was able to make a very good reputation among connoisseurs of single malt. Collection Signatory vintage, comes from an independent bottler, offers in its range a collection of the most artisanal from the ‘cask ‘ and ‘unfiltered’ single malt, guarantying the whiskey lovers natural and unique emotions.

This tasting was accompanied by 5 tuna appetizers, prepared by a great Chef
– Tuna rillettes & green apples
– Tuna Sashimi, Japanese bouillon & seaweed confit
– Snacked tuna with soy sauce & ginger
– Tuna Tartare, cashews, lime & coriander
– Foie gras & marinated tuna grilled in peanut oil & sesame

Looking forward to the next new experience of flavors