Wine events in September – December 2016


The new classes are now accessible online for registration, the following Fridays at 7pm, 1h30 of the fascinating discovery of the grapes, vineyards, wineries,

3 different wines are tasted at each class, the entry is Eur 38,50.- per class

To register, follow the link and enter your details or contact us at

16th September 2016: Successful Chardonnays from the worldwide producers outside Burgundy, freshness and finesse or richer toaster style, Australia, Canada and Italy among the best in the world


21st October 2016: International acclaim for Cabernet sauvignon, powerful tannic structured and complex grape and its varied flavors throughout the world, Napa Valley, France and the first Chinese Cabernet


25th November 2016: Red wines from Pinot noir, discovering New Zealand, Alsace, California and Oregon wines


16th December 2016: Blind tasting of Sauvignon blanc, France, Chili and California, mineral citric or grassy rounder, the final result depending on the geographical region and on the consumer market